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Laizhou Jinshi stone, mainly according to the requirements of customers, to do curb stone design, size needs cutting custom. To meet your requirements and to know curb stone, you are welcome to consult and order.

The Characteristics Of Curb Stone

curb stone can be used as building materials and decorative materials, generally in municipal construction, gardening and other fields are widely used. The roadside stone is mainly composed of mineral grains or cryptocrystalline, and recrystallization is undeveloped with obvious redundant structure and structure. curb stone is durable and has won the favor of many architects.

The Role Of Curb Stone

curb stone refers to the boundary stone used on the edge of the road, also known as the crossing or the edge stone. It is the boundary between the road, the sidewalk, the green space, the isolation zone and other parts of the road. It plays a role in ensuring the safety of pedestrians and vehicles and ensuring the tidiness of the road edge.

Our Service

What can we guarantee?

Fastest service

We can get to know your needs in the shortest possible time and reply by e-mail/phone within 24 hours.

Short production time

After confirmation, 15-25 days / container ensures fast sales of your market.

Quality and reliability

European standards are moving your customers back and forth again and again. The 20 is to monitor the inspectors at each production stage and check them one by one before shipment.

One dragon service

We can provide you with a full range of professional production, sales, transportation and after-sales service team.

The Advantages Of Curb Stone

1) own slab yard and block yard

2) more than 8 years' experience in export business.

3) self owned quarry, stable supply and favorable price.

4) factory direct sale, prompt delivery.

5) use machines and tools imported from Italy to ensure quality.

6) well-trained QC teams scrutiny from cutting to packaging.

Daily Maintenance Of Curb Stone

Before using curb stone to do protective treatment, the purchaser here should pay attention to, do not use elementary care for maintenance, for example, waxing, not only easy to plug the outside surface of curb stone pores, but also easy to let curb stone can not breathe, long-term will lead to the surface of curb stone light dimmed, and the second maintenance time, will let protective products infiltrate into curb stone. It has become increasingly difficult.

Curb Stone Construction Needs Editor

A. curb stone must hang the line to carry out construction, according to the top of the side plane indicating high standard line tension, according to the line code masonry side flat stone, side flat stone to be straight, avoid back and forth, side top line straight and smooth, no high and low wrong teeth phenomenon, plane up and down wrong platform, inside and outside wrong teeth phenomenon.

B.curb stone must be built in slurry, and the slurry must be dense.

The dislocation of c.curb stone joint should not exceed 1mm; side stone and stone must be evenly sewn in the middle.

D.curb stone side flat stone should ensure that the size and finish meet the design requirements. Beautiful appearance, the curved part of the side stone should be designed according to the radius of special processing curved stone, masonry to ensure smooth line, smooth, tight joint. The arc side stone must be cleaned after polishing.

The back of e.curb stone should be compacted with soil, with a width of not less than 50mm and a thickness of not less than 15mm.

F.curb stone hook seam: when hook seam, must hang the thread again, remove the debris in the side stone joint clean, wet with water, and then use 1:2.5 cement mortar filling seam to dry hook.

G.curb stone suitable for watering and curing.

Company Information

We are a professional manufacturer and exporter which involved in stone field for many years, we can supply you with cut to size, slabs, countertops, CNC carvings, mosaic, and kinds of marble & granite for residential and commercial projects. 

If you are interested in our curb stone design, please feel free to contact us. We are always looking forward to providing you with accurate and preferential prices, as well as our quality products and services in the future.

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