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company : Nenjiang Topstone Co.,Ltd
address : Qingdao, Shandong



Our company has been engaged in our artificial lawn for many years. It is very professional for our artificial lawn. our artificial lawn is easy to maintain, the cost is very low, the maintenance cost is low, the dirt can be removed by rinsing with water, Our artificial lawn is very popular in hyderabad and it has no fading. , no deformation characteristics.

The characteristics of our artificial lawn:

(1) It can be used normally in cold winters or hot summer days. It is affected by rain and snow, and it is used 24 hours a day. It is especially suitable for school football stadiums or various training grounds with high frequency. The our artificial lawn has high durability and can be used all day, without the use of frequency, and the natural grass can only be postponed when it encounters rain and snow.

(2) Durability, a piece of our our artificial lawn can be used for more than 6 years, while natural grass is only 2 to 4 years; natural grass is not suitable for excessive non-competitive activities, because it will damage the lawn very much. Big.

(3) The economic cost of our artificial lawn is relatively low, the management cost of post-management is low, the maintenance is simple, no need to plant; no pruning is required; no watering is needed; indoors can still remain green, and winter does not change yellow;

(4) The surface layer can be recycled and reused, and has environmental performance;

(5) Many of the top international competitions and domestic competitions are carried out on artificial turf, which will provide greater consistency in performance;

(6) does not cause an allergic reaction;

(7) The whole lawn is uniform and does not have a bare bare area like a natural lawn. The artificial turf is practical and easy to maintain. After several generations of renovations, the our artificial lawn is now comparable to natural grass.

advantage of our artificial lawn:

1, can be installed on a variety of basic surfaces, the basic quality requirements are not high, not afraid of cracking, no blistering delamination, simple and economical.

2, our artificial lawn is simple to maintain, low maintenance costs, only need to rinse with water to remove dirt, and has the characteristics of no fading and no deformation.

3, the our artificial lawn sports field overall layout is beautiful, the use rate is high, the life expectancy can be more than 8 years, and durable and durable, can be used continuously throughout the day.

4, our artificial lawn material environmental protection, finished product construction, fixed and short construction period, easy to master quality, simple acceptance.

5. The our artificial lawn is shock-absorbing and noise-free, safe and harmless, flexible, and has good flame-retardant properties. It is suitable for school use and is the current* event, training, competition and other venues.

6. The our artificial lawn adopts the concept of safety and environmental protection to avoid sports injury. It provides sufficient cushioning force to reduce the damage that can be caused by the general hard ground, so that you have no concerns caused by the site.

7. The foundation is not bonded to the surface layer. When the surface layer is used for a full period of time, only the surface layer needs to be replaced, and the investment cost is low.

8, the lawn gap using high temperature treatment of special high-specific gravity quartz sand, so that students have the opportunity to get close to the soil and not to soil the environment and the body, to avoid all the troubles of cleaning.

9, the lawn line is directly compiled, do not need to worry about frequent scribing, maintenance is easy, almost no follow-up maintenance costs.

Qur artificial lawn description:

The fibers that make up the blades of "grass" are made of nylon or polypropylene and can be manufactured in different ways. The nylon blades can be produced in thin sheets that are cut into strips or extruded through molds to produce fibers with a round or oval cross-section. The extruded product results in blades that feel and act more like biological grass.

Cushioning systems are made from rubber compounds or from polyester foam. Rubber tires are sometimes used in the composition of the rubber base, and some of the materials used in backing can come from plastic or rubber recycling programs. The thread used to sew the pads together and also the top fabric panels has to meet the same criteria of strength, color retention, and durability as the rest of the system. Care and experience must also be applied to the selection of the adhesives used to bond all the components together.

Maintenance of our artificial lawn:

1, keep the adjacent areas free of garbage, debris, mud, dirt and oil spills.

2, erection of "no smoking in the field" and "no food carrying" is strictly prohibited.

3. Repair small injuries in time.

4, do not park vehicles on artificial lawns, especially on high temperatures, or park vehicles on wet grasslands for a long time.

5. If the grass is used for over weight, the site should be specially arranged with plywood and fiber to protect the turf.

6. Keep the maintenance and cleaning procedures.

7. Keep the site clean and clean the site when necessary.

8. Make sure that there are enough trash bins for the use of sports personnel.

9, control the frequency of the use of our artificial lawn.


Packing Details: packed in rolls with PVC bag wrapped or as required

Port: Qingdao

Lead Time: 15-20days

Company information:

The company has perfect equipments . And the latest introduction of devices are new tufting machine and advanced finishing equipment. 

The main our artificial lawn products are two kinds of leisure and sports, the imported materials all use world-renowned excellent quality British red grass fiber, fully guarantee the quality of products excellent and stable. Changzhou Yuanyang artificial grass is superior to similar products in terms of anti ultraviolet, anti-aging, wear resistance, safety, environmental protection, movement characteristics and other main indicators.

In enterprise management, the company insists on using enterprise culture to enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises, so that enterprises in the development of a good social image. In spite of the complexity of the production process, we never save labor. Although the material is expensive, we never cut corners. In the absence of sight, do not do anything against your heart. 


Q: Factory or trading company? 

A: We are a factory, we provide OEM services. turf artificial grass

Q: Minimum quantity to order.

A:  MOQ requests about 500 square meters.  turf artificial grass

Q: What is the delivery time?

A: within 15-25 days ,depending on your order quality turf artificial grass

Q: Payment-Terms

A: 30% deposit ,70% balance before delivery turf artificial grass

Q: What is the shipping way?

A: Express, air freight, sea freight.  turf artificial grass

Q: How to buy sample?

A: sample is free, freight is on buyer's account. turf artificial grass

Q: Which port shipping?

A: Qingdao, customers also can choose which port shipments. turf artificial grass

Q: What kind of material you used?

A: We used 100% raw PE material to product.

Q: How to package your products?

A: Normally we will pack in roll . If you have specification on your products, as OEM, we can do as your request.

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Contact: Yunny

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Our artificial lawn is very, very good, in quality is very good, and the price is very cheap, in the variety is also very large, our artificial lawn is very popular in hyderabad,if you are interested in our artificial lawn, welcome to consult.

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