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Suck rod hook

Suck rod hookDescription:

Suck rod hook is composed of hook,  bail and locking assembly. The bail of suck rod is able to get into the hook without opening the locking arm. After the bail is on right place, locking arm reset (preventing the bail of suck rod get out of hook) under the function of spring which ensures the lifting safety of suck rod hook. In addition, put a bush on the spring in case the something gets into the locking assembly and get the locking assembly lost the function. This is an important equipment for hoisting system, can lifting heavy goods, mainly used for sucker rod working advantage is light and agile, flexible,no  jam etc.

Product Name:Sucker Rod Hook

Material: Alloy steel

Length: 488/494/798/960mm

Rated Capacity (short tons): 20/25/25/35

Roll Size: Width: 4m/2m Length: 25m or custom

Color: Red or customized

Advantage: High Performance

Processing Type:Forging

Suck rod hook Advantage:

 Sucker rod hook is a necessary tool for lifting and lowering sucker rod hook in oil and gas drilling.Suitable for all kinds of sucker rod suspension CARDS, complete specifications, strong structure, wide use, excellent material selection, good structural strength.

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